Current Investments:


Angaza’s platform allows companies to make energy products affordable for the off-grid world. Their pay-as-you-go technology tears down the up-front cost barrier to solar power: with Angaza, customers buy energy with their cell phone, as they need it.  Learn how they are powering the world at Angaza website.

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Bulu Box and Bulu Marketplace to provide access for customers to  experience vitamin and supplement nutrition samples, and for retail buyers and suppliers to meet the needs of those customers.. Try 4 to 5 samples monthly before you buy. Get stronger at  Bulu Box’ or Bulu Marketplace.


Corvida Medical makes the Halo™ a closed system transfer device for chemotherapy delivery,  enabling safer, more efficient and user-friendly preparation of  pharmaceuticals.   Learn about this smart solution.

CropMetrics CropMetrics is a Nebraska based precision agriculture company focused on advanced agronomic solutions based on precision irrigation management. They develop and supply precision management technology solutions that increase water, nutrient and energy use efficiency while fostering natural resource conservation.  Learn how to use water wisely.

CytoPherx, Inc., founded in July 2007 is a venture-backed, clinical stage medical device company addressing inflammation-based diseases and conditions with a proprietary selective cytopheresis system. CytoPherx’s Information

Drone Amplified developed the IGNIS system  the innovation that makes fire management technology safer and more affordable for land owners, public wild lands, and federal and state agencies. Its Hot, learn more at their website


The Grain Goat was invented by Windcall Manufacturing to  improve farming efficiency and financial return by optimizing the time of harvest with their cordless combine.  A pioneering Nebraska company.  Go to the Goat

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Green Dot – a better bioplastic.  Green Dot aspires to improve the environment in which we live by building a more sustainable world through renewable bio-based resins and promoting their use through investion, creation and research.  Green Dot’s Website

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The Grey Plume consistently ranks as one of the most outstanding dining experience.  If you visit Omaha, don’t miss the opportunity for a great meal prepared by Chef and founder Clayton Chapman. See their menu here.

Alpin is the single dashboard to monitor and manage your SaaS ecosystem. Alpin lets you see what’s happening among your cloud software applications, reduce costs up to 30% while managing license renewals and compliance, and monitor activity so you can take action on important security risks. Learn more at the  Alpin website

Provides a unique real-time measurement system for determining railroad track integrity. Based out of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Nitride Solutions is a Wichita, Kansas company that is developing materials that will enable solutions to critical global needs for safe water and air, more reliable power and communication infrastructure and new products for medical diagnostics and treatment. Nitride Solutions website


Nobl Health presents an innovative approach to nursing rounds and simplifying managment of nursing  resources. Who doesn’t want improved  patient satisfaction and operational efficiency?   Nobl Health Website


POPSUGAR is a media and technology company that is include news and shopping platform ShopStyle, many more visually compelling opportunities, as seen on the POPSUGAR Website

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Do you know where your cows are, and what is their health?  QuantifiedAG offers ear tags and software monitor the health of individual animals and the herd.   Moo  information at:  QuantifiedAG

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Shear Composits  Industries specializes in the development and commercialization of sustainable composites using renewable bio-based components blended with agricultural residue, and recycled and reclaimed materials. We strive to create beautiful, durable materials from available waste streams.   Shear website


Save time with online sign up sheet, volunteer scheduling software, and volunteer management software at schools, churches, sports leagues, and nonprofits. SignUp.com


SkyVu Entertainment creates some of the most recognizable mobile brands today.  With over 30 Million app downloads and a portfolio of award-winning mobile games, SkyVu is one of the leading mobile game developers in the world. Sky.Vu’s website

Snapstone® Floating Porcelain Tile is an innovative flooring tile that allows homeowners the ability to have a beautiful stone floor while saving money and time. Snapstone’s website

Stone Medical’s “Clean Collect” product improves the quality of blood culture collection, potentially reducing infections, safety and reducing cost. Learn more at their website


Terra Biologics is commercializing a technology designed to restore soil fertility, retain water and reduce erosion without relying on the presence of vascular plants. The Terra Biologics innovation exploits photosynthetic microorganisms, called cyanobacteria or “blue-green algae,” which convert solar energy and soil nutrients to store chemical energy and fix atmospheric nitrogen.  Terra Biologics is a portfolio company of Nidus Partners.

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Travel professionals neeed great tools to servie their clients. Create itineraries, trip plans, activities and more with this simple to use software.    Travel to Travefy


Linseed portfolio companies that have found the EXIT door:

D3 Banking

Omaha based D3 Banking was acquired in 2019 by NCR, because of their software that delivers Data Driven Digital™ banking that provides the end user with a consistent, personalized experience anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Omaha based Flywheel was acquired in 2019 by Austin Texas based WP Engine.  Flywheel developed as a premium design and WordPress hosting company built specifically for web designers, freelancers and creative agencies.  The grew rapidly and continue to operate in Omaha as an anchor in the Millwork District.

In 2016 Kansas City based EyeVerify was acquired by Ant Financial.  Their platform technology enabled mobile users to authorize transactions and access information in a manner that was  secure, scalable and convenient.

In 2016 Omaha based Vendorin was acquire by Juvo Technologies.  Their platform allowed Integrating payment networks with supplier engagement helps  optimize payment, and efficiency to generate more revenue.

In 2015 PopSugar Inc. acquired Cosmic, a universal shopping cart for the web.  Their technology allows you to buy the products you want, from the content you love.

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Growing Cities is a documentary by two Nebraska filmmakers that examines urban farming and how it can revitalize cities and improve our nutrition. (n.b. check your enthusiasm filmmakers, we typically do not invest in movies.)


Companies we’ve founded:

Constitution Medical Investors
Constitution Medical Inc. developed a new approach to perform the Complete Blood Count (CBC), called the Bloodhound Integrated Hematology System.  CMI was acquired by Roche Diagnostics, Inc. in July 2013.
Heartland Pathology
Heartland Pathology, Inc. was founded in 2001, pioneering the Cytotechnologist primary screening of Pap Tests as a reference service for other pathology laboratories.  Heartland Pathology evaluated 30,000 tests annually and was sold in May 2011.
Tethon 3D
Founded in 2011, Tethon 3D is has developed new ceramic materials for use on multiple 3D printing platforms.  To paraphrase The Graduate,  One word: “Ceramics”.  Our materials are making new products possible Learn more at Tethon3D